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I'm Sarah. Photographer, wife, mama of 2 Littles, and a very busy full-time business and studio owner who absolutely loves to take special little moments and turn them into custom artwork for my clients' homes.  Some clients have even termed me "Prop Addict" and "The Baby Whisperer."  I am so blessed by all of the amazing clients that I have been fortunate enough to work with since starting Miles of Smiles Photography in 2010.

Miles of Smiles Photography is a boutique portrait experience.  I specialize in creating gorgeous, lasting, and treasured art pieces for my clients to enjoy in their homes.  There is SO much more to custom photography than just images sitting on a CD somewhere.  FINAL products... ready to hang... ready to be enjoyed daily in your home the second you open the box.  That is my goal.  There is so much more to your portrait experience here than me handing you a CD and a "good luck" wish.  I invest in my clients just like they invest in me.  The session preparation... the session itself... the detailed hand edits... the perfected and heirloom quality of my clients' final products.  I want the absolute best for my clients.

I know just HOW much joy I get every day when I see the pictures of my babies on display in my home.  It is priceless.  I know just how fast babies grow into toddlers... Toddlers into children... Chubby rolls turning into slim bodies... Smiles with missing teeth.  

My job is to slow that all down for my clients (and myself).  I guess if I was a Superhero, my secret power would be freezing time!

To me, photography is all about capturing the emotions, personality, love, and dynamics of the various relationships that I photograph.  And I am lucky enough to get to turn those moments into stunning and one-of-a-kind artwork for my clients to look back on and enjoy in their homes for many years to come, and even to pass down to their children one day when they are grown.

Most of my clients are repeat clients, and that is such an honor for me.  I absolutely adore getting to watch my clients' families grow over the years.  Once they have had a Miles of Smiles Photography portrait experience, they understand the value that is found in high-end portraiture. Visit "THE BUZZ" page to see what clients have to say about their Miles of Smiles Photography experience. 


A few things about me: 

  • I have always been the "girl with a camera."  I grew up in a tiny town (1200 people!) in the Midwest, and you could always find me out and about on our little farm taking pictures of my animals, flowers, and anything colorful.  I'm still a small-town gal... just living in a great big city.
  • Color and light move me.  I see art everywhere I look.

  • I became the "artist behind the camera" when I started this business in 2010.  Since then, it has grown incredibly fast, and is now a legit, full time business and a job I dearly love and work very hard at.  

  • I love to laugh, and on my best day, you'll find me driving in my minivan and having a "dance and karoke party" to Justin Beiber's "Baby" with my two sweet babies.  (Mamas: Try it... it will change your life.)  ;)

  • I love yoga pants.  Perhaps a little bit too much.  (But hey... when your job requires you to wear workout clothes, it's a win-win.)

  • I used to be the Fitness/Wellness Coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin for many years.

  • I have lived in this beautiful city since 2004.  It's a pretty awesome place to be.  

  • I'm obsessed with mountains, and dream of our family having a summer home in a tiny mountain town in Colorado one day.

Featured Work: 

You will find my work all over the walls in Canvas Displays at the following OB/GYN offices.  Click on links to see our displays in action!  


Booking A Session: 

If you're thinking of booking a session, it is always best to get on our calendar 4-5 months in advance (and 6 months in advance for fall sessions), as our calendar fills very quickly.  Contact Us to learn more.

And visit our "GIVING BACK" page to see how I love giving back to my community through my photography work.




This little beauty is located 5 minutes south of downtown Austin. (78745)  Click here to learn more about it and to take a tour.  It is filled to the brim with adorable things for clients to use.

Play around our page for a bit... (Click on the tabs at the top.)  Check out our Galleries, hover over the "About" tab for lots of fun things, and more.  I would love to serve your family in the future.  Feel free to contact me with any questions, as I'm happy to help.  Love, Sarah