Client Loyalty and Referral Program

We love our clients, and our clients love getting rewards to use at their next full session!  

Sarah adores working with families year after year, and watching their families expand and their children grow.  Because of that, she created the "Client Loyalty and Referral Program."  Clients receive rewards for being repeat clients, and they earn even more rewards for sharing us with their friends and referring others to us!  

The more you share us, the more rewards YOU get to enjoy.

  • Share our Facebook page.  (our page is "Miles of Smiles Photography by Sarah")
  • Share your images on Facebook.  Facebook is a huge and easy tool to get referrals!  See info. below about crediting images.
  • Credit your images when posting images on Facebook so people know who took them / where to look for more information.  
    (In the "Description" area for each image, be sure to put the following info: 

    Image Credit: Miles of Smiles Photography by Sarah (that should link up to our Facebook page)
  • Share your Online Gallery or Online Slideshow with Music. (If applicable / included in what you purchased.  Not all things include these.) 
  • Word of Mouth: If you had a great experience with us, let others know.
  • Do a post on your neighborhood Facebook page using some of your favorite images.  Mamas are always looking for a great photographer.
  • Be sure to tell anyone you refer to list YOU as their referral on their Client Paperwork, and your rewards start flowing!  
  • If/when you receive a "Client Loyalty & Referral Program" reward card, be sure to keep that, as you'll need to submit that with Client Paperwork to get your rewards.