Our Canvas Displays at SOUTHWEST PEDIATRICS {Austin Family Photographer}
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Saturday, July 14, 2018
By Miles of Smiles Photography
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Miles of Smiles Photography - Our Displays at Southwest Pediatrics

I am excited to announce Miles of Smiles Photography's seventh medical office partnership - where my Canvas Displays are adorning their walls.  


Introducing... our work at SOUTHWEST PEDIATRICS.

If you're looking for great Pediatricians for your little ones, this place is amazing, as is their staff!  You can check them out here: http://www.swpedi.com 


It is such an honor to have my Canvas Displays adorning the (many) walls of several physicians' offices around Austin.  This was a HUGE project, as they have 2 office suites... EACH of the 2 suites has about 10 exam rooms and big waiting areas.  I was so happy once I had everything up and secured on their beautiful walls in the 20+ rooms.  And have gotten so many sweet compliments on them from staff and patients there since I put them all up.

Enjoy a peek into our work at Southwest Pediatrics.


**Please excuse the cruddy quality of the display images below. I didn't have my "big camera" with me those days. 

The Pediatricians at Southwest Pediatrics

The Displays...

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