We call it an Investment because that is exactly what it is.  You are investing in the sweetest, most precious people in your life, and the memories you never want to forget.  And we are committed to capturing those things for you and creating beautiful forever ART from them.

Custom photography is a luxury and an investment, and it is all about capturing special moments and then creating one-of-a-kind artwork for the families that we serve to enjoy in their homes for years to come.  We are a full-service, fine art portrait business offering our clients incredible and lasting artwork and products, and a fully equipped photography Studio filled with adorable things.  Sarah specializes in helping her clients design something truly special for their homes.  


Click here for a blog post from Sarah about what sets Miles of Smiles Photography apart, and how things have evolved for us since we started this business.

We work very hard to freeze special moments in time for our clients... Whether it be the precious, tiny baby that you anxiously waited for and that will lose their "tinyness" in a matter of days... The cheeky and chubby 6 month old who will lose those rolls when he begins crawling... Your child that will soon start losing their little baby teeth... Or the love and laughter your family enjoys together.  These are the memories you will cherish forever, and the ones that change so quickly as time goes by. 

Because of the personal nature of each session, please contact us directly with the type of session you are looking for, and we will get back to you with options and pricing.  Click here to Contact Us.

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Clients spend anywhere from $500-$10,000 on their custom portrait session, fine art products, wall displays, albums, prints, and custom artwork for their homes and loved ones.  There is SO much more to professional photography than just images on a CD in a drawer somewhere.  Join me as we make those images come to life and create them into tangible and lasting artwork that will far outlive any of us.  The enjoyment that you will get every time you see them displayed in your home for many years to come is worth.every.penny.


I usually offer a few limited Mini-Session Specials during the year.  Those are usually announced in the Spring in our email Newsletter and fill VERY quickly.  Click here to add yourself to our monthly newsletter, and follow us on Facebook to see our latest sessions.



We love our clients, and enjoy getting to serve them year after year as their families grow.  Our Client Loyalty & Referral Program was created to reward clients for repeated business and for referring us to their friends.  Clients receive rewards to use on their next session, and they receive even more rewards and freebies for referring their friends.  



Learn more about us and what we offer our clients in this informational guide.  Contact us for our Pricing Guide and availability.  (Click on the little box near right corner to make it full screen.)