Welcome, Seniors! 

And CONGRATS on such a cool and once-in-a-lifetime stage of life you are in!  Senior portraits are so fresh, fun, and unique to each Senior that we serve.  Don't let your iPhone be the only thing that captures this special time in your life.  I want to capture who YOU are through photos for you, your friends, and your family to remember and cherish for many years to come.

To learn a little bit more about me, you can click on the "About" link at the top of this page.  Let's chat! Contact me if you are interested in booking a Senior Portrait Session.

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Click here for a slideshow from one of our Senior Portrait sessions.  

SENIOR REP(resentative) PROGRAM: Please Contact Us to see if we are recruiting Senior REPS for the upcoming school year.

SENIOR INFO. PACKET: Please note - this packet has old pricing information.  Please Contact Us for most updated pricing.