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Details about Metals:

A new Client FAVORITE!

If you love sleek, modern, clean lines - then Metals are for you!  If you love beautiful, bright colors and/or the power found in high contrast black and whites, these pieces will transform your walls into something truly special.

Our new Metals are AMAZING!! Clients are loving these modern, sleek pieces in their homes... especially "The QUAD" wall display option - like the ones in the images below.  (And don't forget... when you order a wall display like "The QUAD," you get the digital images for free!  (Ex: When buying The QUAD, you get 4 free digital images!)

These beautiful pieces are printed on high-gloss metal with rounded edges, and they make colors brightly pop and bring out such beautiful contrast in your images and art. Each Metal Print has an ultra-hard protective coating that makes it easy to clean (with a clean, dry microfiber cloth) and durable!

Metals come ready to hang with a pre-installed float mount frame on the back that makes your art pieces look like they are "floating" off the wall.


Let us design something AMAZING for your family to enjoy in your home.

Below are samples of The QUAD Metals.  This beautiful, streamlined wall display option can go in a square formation, or length wise down a hallway or behind a sofa, etc.  So beautiful, and it comes with 4 FREE Digitals!