Little Sitters

This is SUCH a fun age to photograph, and one that often gets overlooked.  Babies are so happy, social, smiley, and best of all?  They can't quite crawl away from us yet!  We are able to get through several adorable setups, using unique props, accessories, and fun things in the process.

This session is usually done around  7.5-8 months of age, as baby must be sitting up well unassisted.  (If baby is already crawling, it's okay.)  

For "Little Sitter" sessions with Sarah, the session also includes parents/sibling(s).  So you'll get adorable family shots AND amazing shots of your sweet baby in this adorable stage of life!  

{Scheduling: Our calendar fills early.  (Usually 3-4 months in advance, and 6 months in advance for Fall sessions.)  Contact us and we'll give you details.}


TO SEE A "LITTLE SITTER" session in action, click here for an adorable look at the C Family & Abigail's Little Sitter Session.