COLORADO - Fall 2018
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
By Miles of Smiles Photography
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My sweet friend (and one of my favorite photography clients) turned 40 earlier this year, so we headed out to Colorado for 4 days of paradise last week to celebrate, to get a little rest from our normal mommy and work duties and schedule, and to just soak up the GORGEOUSNESS of my favorite state. 

It was gorgeous and then some.


We were originally planning to hike Ice Lake (an 8 mile hike to an alpine lake that is turquoise and amaaaaazing).  And although that didn't quite work out as planned (note to self: You have to do those hikes BEFORE mid-October due to the weather), we still got in 2 amazing hikes and lots of time enjoying the sights, sounds, and lifestyle of southwest Colorado.

I only took my iPhone.  I needed a little break from my heavy, huge, "real" camera.  I find myself doing this more and more on trips, which is freeing.  I do miss the high-quality images from my real camera (there IS no comparison between that quality and iPhone quality), but sometimes in my personal life, "good enough" is great. (Plus... it was nice not to have to carry 10 pounds of camera with me everywhere we went.) 

We flew into Durango (southwest Colorado), spent a little time there, and headed to Silverton.  In Durango, it was cloudy and 40-45 degrees.  About 15 minutes outside of Durango, all of a sudden, it started snowing.  And snowing MORE.  Like the BIG, FLUFFY, amazing snowflakes that just "sit" on the beautiful evergreen trees.  Other than feeling a little frazzled driving in it, it was SUCH a fun surprise!  By the time we made our way over the pass and to Silverton, the snow was gone.  (See the video below... as there is a good little blurb in it from our snowy mountain drive.)

We spent a little time in Silverton, which is a teeny, tiny town.  I grew up in a town of 1200 people in the Midwest... so small towns (especially ones in the MOUNTAINS!!) are my jam.  The older I get the more I realize I adore small towns and what they represent.  So it was so fun being in several "small towns" on this trip.

Then we headed to Ouray.  Did a hike there, and headed to Telluride.  Seriously - Telluride is not to be missed.  Please - go plan a trip there.  Right now.  Maybe it's for next year, five years from now, etc.  Just do it.  You'll thank me later.  :)  {Side note: If you want the golden Aspen trees in their full glory, make sure you go in September.  We missed about 1/2 of the Aspens because the ones up higher had already lost all of their golden leaves.}

I've been to Telluride about 3 times in my life, and every time I am there, I think to myself, "This is my favorite place on the planet."  It's amazing.  And unique.  And everywhere you look, there is a breathtaking view not to be taken for granted.  I could never live there, because a teeny tiny LOT (not including a house... just a lot) is about 1.8+ million dollars.  An average 1200 square foot home is about $3 million, and a really nice, spacious (3000 square feet or so) house can be $10 million.  Whaaaaaaat?!?

From Telluride, we headed back to Durango.  The drives were incredible.  Every curve in the road meant a new beautiful view.  And the fall colors were incredible.  My heart is never happier location-wise than when I'm in that beautiful state and just exploring its beauty.  

Here are some fun pics (and a video too) from our trip.  So thankful to have had this time there.  I will always remember it.  

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