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I LOVE helping other photographers find ways to make their business work FOR THEM, improve their lives, their salary, and their families' lives in the process.  Because let's be honest... we've all been at a point in our business where we feel like we're working 24/7 and not sure if there is ever an end in sight to that crazy schedule.

I was honored to be a Presenter in the 2018 Online Business Retreat with The Milky Way, and taught "Pricing for Profit."  I loved teaching alongside many of the amazing photographers and teachers that I have been learning from the last decade since starting my business!  (Click here for that link and all the amazing teachers and topics!)

In 2019 and beyond, I will be expanding my EDUCATION department here, and offering online courses, as well as some additional one-on-one phone mentoring.  Please be sure to sign up for our Education Newsletter here if you're interested about learning about those things in the future.


P.S. Keep up your great work!  It WILL pay off if you learn to make your business work FOR you.  #neverstoplearning 



From Kristen at Kristen Barker Photography & Design, LLC:
"After watching Sarah's video from the Milky Way's 2018 Business Retreat, I knew immediately I would love to chat with her about growing my business.  Not only was she running a successful Studio, but her presentation spoke volumes about her passion for her ART and her satisfaction to serve others in a unique way.  I could tell she had a personality that was right up my lane - fun and cheerful, yet down to earth and serious about her work.  When I contacted her about mentoring, she confirmed all of those things and more. I feel beyond fortunate that I made the choice to reach out to her.
I was a tad nervous prior to our call, but Sarah's authentic desire to understand me, my business, and my vision instantly had me at ease.  It was evident that Sarah invested a lot of time prior to our conversation; she had a plethora of hand-picked resources and business tips prepared, and she followed up nearly instantly after the call with an email of itemized and attached resources from our discussion.  (And WOW!  Great educational and confidence-building resources that I consistently refer to.)

Sarah never hesitated to respond to my multitude of curiosities throughout, yet she maintained the focus of our objective and left me in a place I had hoped for, but did not expect - when we hung up, I felt CONFIDENT.
My first mentoring call with Sarah left me feeling like I received months of training from her expertise.  Her discussion led me on a path to seeking the best choices for growing my business. 
For as long as I continue on that journey, and for every lesson and accomplishment I make therein, I will never forget how Sarah's dedication and compassion helped lay the required foundation that set me forth.  I hope to continue my mentorship and share many successes with her, as she is a key factor in how I am taking my vision to higher and higher levels."
Kristen Barker Photography & Design, LLC



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{Out of respect for my own business and area that I serve, only photographers located 50+ miles from my zip code will be approved.}


Want to know how I took my sales average from $190 in 2010 to a sales average of $3400 in 2017?  

I want to share the business success (and mistakes to avoid) that I have had in creating a six-figure business here at Miles of Smiles Photography!  I love helping other photographers find success and confidence in their work and in running their businesses.

I am in the process of creating the following educational e-workshops:

  • Create Your Own Collection Pricing Method: The Game Changer
  • Running a Successful Baby's 1st Year Plan: $8,000+ Per Client Per Year!
  • 24/7 Marketing: Getting Your Canvas Displays into OB/GYN Offices
  • PRICING FOR PROFIT: There are so many ways to run a business these days. In this course, you'll  dive into some incredibly essential things that truly make YOUR business and what it offers unique, work with those strengths in your pricing model, and turn "Selling" into "Service" for your clients. 


Be sure to sign up for our EDUCATIONAL Email Newsletter above.  (See "Be in the know" section above.) . You'll be first to know when they are complete and ready for purchase!  



*Please note: Workshops are available for those outside of a 50 mile radius of Austin, TX.